Security Windows


Windows act as a great entry point for burglars who are looking to intrude on your home and steal the valuables. All they need is to bust the window glass pane and climb into the house. In a country like Australia, where thieves and burglars are pretty common, it is extremely vital to take proper steps in order to increase the security of your home to the best extent possible. City to Surf Screens understands this fact and offers products which will enable you to protect your house from any kind of external element.

With every house being different, City to Surf Screens maintains a collection of doors which are suitable for every house. There are differences in interior and exterior designs, frame sizes and security needs and the company offers an array of aesthetically pleasing and highly secure windows and doors. You can easily find doors, windows, garage doors, blinds and various other products of various finishes, patterns, colours and designs so that you can select the one which suits your home to the best extent.

The materials used in building the doors and windows adhere to high industrial standards thanks to the manufacturing processes which guarantee optimal robustness of the manufactured product. In the case of aluminium doors and windows, the products are welded and tempered with utmost care so that you can hardly find any weak point. All you need to do is select the one which is appropriate and then leave it in the hands of the City to Surf Screens to get the customised security windows and doors installed.