Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutter-Blinds

Plantation shutters have been used effectively to add an innovative and elegant way of increasing your home’s aesthetic appearance. The best feature of plantation shutters is the fact that they are functional as well as appealing. Simple plantation shutters comprise of a number of vertical panels with horizontal slats called rails found at the top as well as the bottom. If you are a resident of Australia and searching for ways to boost your home’s security without compromising its appeal, all you need to do is contact City to Surf Screens.

They provide excellent options to make your house sealed against thieves and burglars. They have a collection of an array of secured doors and windows, blinds and plantation shutters so that you can choose the one which is right for you. However, before just buying anything, it is always best to check out the plethora of options available along with their advantages and disadvantages. You can either buy plantation shutters as customised interior shutters or as stock units.

The most commonly used materials for construction of plantation shutters include basswood, maple, poplar, vinyl or any other type of fine hardwood. Depending on the price, the quality of shutters varies and you should choose one which meets your requirements. The finish of the shutters depends more or less on the architecture of the residential or commercial space. If you are willing to make the space extremely attractive, you can use plantation shutters of rich wood like walnut, mahogany, oak or cherry.