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We aim to be the best in the business
City to surf screens is a leading designer and installer of security doors, windows, Shutters and Wardrobe Doors Repairs.
We have a fantastic selection of standard designs, or can custom-fabricate security solutions to suit your home or business. Our grilles, doors, and gates can provide your
building with a touch of style and class while also offering rock-solid security.

City To Surf Screens
City to surf screens is an industry-leading provider of home security products. Our screens, window grills, and window locks are build tough, and built to last. All our products provide excellent security while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your building. Whether you’re looking to keep your business secure or after a home security solution to ensure your family’s wellbeing, we can help.

Our safety systems include a complete range of window security products. Our grilles and windows come in a huge range of colours and styles, which means you’re sure to find something that suits your home. Rest easy knowing that your windows are completely secure with one of our fantastic products. Speak to City to surf screens,
Grovedale’s leading provider of security products.

  • Optimum visibility
  • Domestic & commercial applications
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Many options, inc secure hinged and sliding doors
  • Security doors and windows

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