Fly Screens and Plantation Shutters Installation Lorne

Security is an important concern for every homeowner and should, rightly, be the first consideration when shopping for security windows installation Lorne and steel security doors installation Lorne services. It does not matter how good it looks on the eye, if a door or window screen is not secure, it is not much use. At City To Surf Screens, we have worked hard to ensure our screens are secure first.


But we also realise that our customers are looking for screens that do so much more. As a result, we continually research better materials and manufacturing systems so we can deliver more benefits to our customers. We design products that protect our clients’ properties, as well as improve the quality of their lives. Below are a few of the many benefits you can unlock when you install our security screens, blinds, and shutters.

1. Improved Curb Appeal

You will not mind prison-grade security installations for your home, as long as you are guaranteed suburban-grade curb appeal. As you would expect, this is desirable but is not always easy to deliver. You want your home to not only feel like a fortress but because of the installed screens and shutters, get an improved appearance. Our security shutters are beautifully designed and blend well with most modern architectural designs.

2. Improved Ventilation

Understandably, most homeowners would rather have a home that’s secure over one that’s just well ventilated. A well-ventilated home will have more and larger doors and windows. But these will inadvertently expose a property to greater risk of burglaries. But secure screens will allow you to keep your windows open during daytime, or even at night, to let in more fresh air. You will keep your home well ventilated without necessarily compromising your security.


For a greater decorative effect, some of our customers prefer our service for plantation shutters installation Lorne. Plantation shutters are inexpensive, but more permanent the solution that can be priced into and significantly improve the value of your property. Taking advantage of our fly screens installation Lorne service for rooms like the kitchen, which attract a lot of flies, will also mean you keep flies out while maintaining good ventilation.

3. Energy efficiency

Secure screens will allow you keep your windows open during the summer months to improve ventilation and not have to turn your air conditioning on all the time. This will help you save energy and cut down on your electricity costs. At City To Screen Screens, we are also trusted for superior venetian blinds installation Lorne. Our blinds improve both your home’s privacy and ventilation.


There are times, for example when you travel, you will feel better if your windows are sealed off for both security and privacy. For that, you will want to install the more secure roller shutters. These not only enhance your privacy but will protect your window panes from breakages by flying objects during wind storms and hurricanes. City To Screen Screens offers some of the best services for electric roller shutter installation Lorne and should your blinds malfunction, or break, our roller shutter repairs Lorne is a phone call away.


City To Screen Screens is a home security installation services provider serving the homeowners of Lorne. We install window and door screens, roller shutters, fly screens, Holland and venetian blinds, plantation shutters, and others. Request a quote today.

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