Blinds In Geelong

Blinds In Geelong

Blinds just like shades, wardrobes doors and shutters bring an extra touch of beauty to your home. Essentially, blinds cover our windows to give us more privacy as well as moderate the amount of sunlight flooding our homes especially in a busy setting like Geelong. Altogether, blinds bring this lovely serenity to our homes making the interiors of your home even more breathtaking and hospitable. The same can almost be said of your security doors which even though they fundamentally exist for safety still add a decorative flair to your home in Geelong.

Unfortunately, these blinds, security doors, wardrobe doors, and shutters can develop problems as time goes on. One of the most troublesome issues that can arise in this regard is your blinds failing to lower or raise. This understandably can be frustrating. So what could have gone wrong?

Here, the probability is very high that the cord lock mechanism of your blinds could be the culprit.

Yes, a malfunction is very likely in these conditions. So to restore the situation and get your blinds fluidly raising and lowering, you will have to engage in pulling the cord through to the header piece. The header piece is situated at the top of the blinds and in most cases is stiff plastic. Forthwith with reasonable gentility and caution, pull carefully on the cord.

Prevalently, this exercise would resolve the issue and fix your blinds. Yet it is not in every situation that it successfully works. There are times when pulling the cord as instructed will not perfectly get the cord lock mechanism appropriately released. When this fails, it will become necessary to take off the blinds from the window. Note that this removal procedure is much reliant on the manner in which the blinds were mounted. Thus the need could arise for the removal of the nails and the screws.

It will be crucial to locate the cord lock mechanism inside the header rail. Of course, naturally many would struggle pertaining to the identification of the cord lock mechanism. But this is no rocket science considering that that cord runs through this cord lock mechanism making it relatively easy to single out.

Furthermore, we will not forget to point that the pin is located in the cord lock mechanism as it rightly plays a significant role in the overall seamless performance of your blinds. Now you will need to get a screwdriver, preferably a flat-head screwdriver. Exercising maximum caution, you will now turn the pin perpendicularly to the headrail. It is important to envisage here that you shouldn’t move the cords as you turn the pin. That is great, so what is next?


You will have to disengage the cords. This can be facilitated by simply pushing the pin in. By now, the slats of the blind should lower with little or no resistance. You can go further to test your cord lock mechanism quite repeatedly to see if it is impeccably in order. So now your peace of mind is  back and you can heave that long desired sigh of relief hanging back your blinds.

Going further, should the malady still persist and your blind remain stuck even after troubleshooting the cord lock mechanism, it is very likely the problem is emanating from pawl binding. This also stems from your header piece.

You can push the pawl which is in the header back into position to get your blinds working enjoyably again. So there are you basking in the beauty of your home in Geelong with your shutters obediently lowering and raising to your instructions.

Here at ABC Screens, we will beautify your home with the most alluring and durable blinders, shutters and wardrobe doors. And of course, we care deeply about your safety as well. This is why our security doors are admittedly top of the class. Across the years, ABC Screens has painstakingly built an uncontested reputation of integrity and reliability in Geelong.

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